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Trackdays have a huge place in my heart. I was an instructor at several local trackdays. I enjoyed teaching new riders how to maneuver a 385lbs motorcycle around a racetrack. The smile on these women and men's faces, exiting their first tour on the track is an experience that I hold dear to me. I always ask the student how they felt. One student replied, your instruction made me feel like a hero; an absolute superhero; flying around the track. This statement, would name my company as this is exactly how I feel racing my motorcycles. HEROIC, absolutely HEROIC!
An essential piece of the track day investment is quality gear. I have owned many suits over the years and had numerous concerns over fit, function and performance. I had a conviction to design a new suit that had function, style, safety and performance in mind. These first suits were a big hit. Many friends wanted me to design suits for them and their teams.
Women have always been on the design backburner when it comes to anything from tennis shoes to practically any sports equipment. Men seem to get a wider selection more options and cooler designs. From the first suit, I had women in mind. When designing my production suits, I wanted to develop suit designs that would perform just as quick and look just as good for the women riders as the men. Obviously anatomic considerations and fitment were taken into consideration, yet design, safety and function are on a level playing ground with HEROIC Racing Apparel.
Stay tuned ladies, we will be delivering some outstanding womens suits very shortly.
No matter who you are or what type of motorcycle you ride, HEROIC Racing Apparel has you in mind.
Todd / President of HRA
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