HEROIC Racing Apparel "HRA"
The ultimate in design, safety and performance.

HEROIC Racing Apparel is dedicated to making safe street and racing apparel that fits, allows you to function and focus at a higher level!

Day one we set out to build product that is capable to flow on your body and move as we move as human beings. This is a major undertaking when you
are dealing with leather. Generally the bulk and the extras rob you of your focus. I have set out to build product that allows the rider to focus naturally
without dealing with the restrictions. The comfort received from this program will bring about transparency between rider and machine. You can trust
that when you are investing in a HEROIC product that you will receive fit, focus and function whether you are a man, woman or child. This is our
mission and that is our deliverable. #beheroic
Todd / President of HRA
HEROIC Racing Apparel, LLC
Address: 90 Lakeville Rd, Suite G New Hyde Park, NY 11040
Phone: 718-701-5904 Fax: 718-701-5904