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I believe that track days are essential for anyone serious about riding motorcycles. The track day experience has helped me personally to be a better, safer street rider. Isn't safety the most important concern with this sport? Well, maybe it should be. I believe safety goes beyond safe gear. Learning proper lines, braking, shifting, body position and throttle control will save you from a bad situation.
Below I am listing some track day companies that I endorse. Please support these companies and you might learn something in the process. You might just run into me at one of these events as well. If so, stop by and say hi.

NYST - New York Safety Track

NYST is a world class track 3.5 hrs from NYC. The question is always; is the drive worth it? ABSOLUTELY...the Nirvana of Tracks and the school, track days and experience is thriving in the United States track scene. NYST has really put forth some hard work to build a world class company. The staff is all outstanding, the direction, products, service and promotions are out of the box. They are nice people.

  • Organized: : 5 star. The PA communication from the Hot Lane is so thorough, you'll think your at an AMA race.
  • Track Session Size: NYST has all levels
  • Track Lessons: A+ for Beginner. A+ for Novice and Intermediate. The coaches are so thorough you'll think your in college, yet easy to comprehend.
  • Contingency: Check the website. They got it
  • Tires: Onsite / Dunlop.
  • Coaches: Every coach is hand selected to teach or improve your ability.
  • HEROIC Discount: Yes, NYST members will get HEROIC discounts.
The staff can be reached at: 917.615.5355

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