Heroic Product Fit Question and Answers and Size Charts

Q - What kind of fit should I expect when purchasing a HEROIC Suit
A - We recognize four standard graded fits in the industry regarding racebike suits. American Fit, European Fit, Japanese Fit or Custom. We categorize Alpinestar and Komodo as American Fit, Berik as European Fit, Tai-Chi and Kushitani as order specified as Japanese Fit. American Fit is a more generous lumpy cut. European Fit is leaner, slender and standard physically fit racer build. Japanese Fit is extremely lean and a long torso cut.
HEROIC grades our suits as European introductory American. Generally, our suits do not have dumpy seats, fit like a custom suit and is designed for maximum comfort and performance.
Q- How does this size grading relate to HEROIC Boots and Gloves
A- HEROIC gloves are size graded in relation to the circumference of your flat knuckles. If the circumference of your hand around the knuckle is 20cm you would be a L. If you measurement is 19cm you would wear a M and so on. HEROIC Boots, its a safe bet that if you wear a 9 order a 10. If you happen to get the wrong size, immediately return the item and we will exchange tagged items for the next size.