HEROIC Racing Apparel works very hard to offer the safest most cutting edge product for sale on the market today. Feel free to look at some of our innovations.
Articulated Fingers
In 2007 I wanted to design a way to prevent my fingers from continually being fatigued at the end of a session. In 2008, I released my first pair of SP-R's which feature this solution. Our SP-R gloves have articulated fingers that bring your fingers back into a race curl upon extension.  We have studied the hand and recognize that the hand is less fatigued in a curl.  Our gloves are precut and sewn in a static curve.  Upon extension, the articulation brings the fingers back into a natural curl. 
Stingray Crash Padding
Our gloves have been voted Editors Choice by 2 Wheel Tuner Magazine in 2009.  The kangaroo carcass and exotic stingray skin crash padding allow for a cutting edge construction that allows maximum safety and integrity.  We also use this exotic leather in the elbow and hip of the Traxxion series and all the custom race suits that we manufacture.

Inner Leg Tank Grip
Many companies manufacture materials to grip your leg when transversing the race track that allows your suit to grip the slick tank of your motorcycle.  On all of our custom race suits, we manufacture grip on the inner leg of our suits.