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A Professional Suit for the Track Day Rider to Non Pro. The Stage I was our original Pro suit. We have developed lighter, higher performing models for our pro's while retaining all the durability that a everyday rider; track enthusiast needs. This suit is not heavy; but she will crash WELL... "The HEROIC TANK". You can hand this one down to the kids.

Are you a Beginner to Intermediate rider looking for a professional suit for the racetrack? This suit is for you....
The Pro's Choice for high performing suits that has the added longevity and short track lower speed crash ability. We developed this suit to have the feel of our Stage III Pro suit, yet the resilience for low speed security. aka "HEROIC Loudon Suit. "

Are you an experienced track day expert? Are you a Non Pro w a Pro Racing License? Do you race tight track configurations where there are A LOT of slower tight turns? This suits for you....
The Pro Racer's Choice for the lightest, highest performing suit in North American Road Racing.

THIS STAGE III is guaranteed high performance for the racer. The fit, feel and weight will allow
you to ride at a level higher than before just due to the material AND it is known for its abrasion
capability to keep you safe.

Are you ready for the next level of racing? This suit is for you....