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Great gloves November 1, 2018
Reviewer: Todd Waugh from Tempe, AZ United States  
I purchased the SP-R Pro gloves because I was looking for a high quality and comfortable glove that provides top protection. In addition, I wanted a glove which I could use later on for track use.

The glove lives up to the reputation of being a large glove, but well made and comfortable. Communication with Todd regarding the order was excellent as well. Overall, I am very satisfied and hope to purchase additional gear in the future.

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Great Product and Customer Service November 1, 2018
Reviewer: Chris from CA United States  
Right out of the box, they fit very well. All of the fingers were the right lengths (great quality control). Had a small issue with a popped seam along the base of my thumb. Contacted Todd, and he had the gloves back to me three days from leaving my door repaired with beefy reinforcing patches on both gloves.

Other than this initial problem, the gloves have been fantastic. The watch accordion is a great addition for the daily drivers. No holes, tears, or anything  wrong with them after 5 months of heavy use.

I have tried 2 Alpinestars and Sedici in the past. Went through the three pairs in 9 months.

Between the quality product and exemplary customer service, the five stars are well deserved. Lifelong customer in the making.

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Simply Awesome! November 1, 2018
Reviewer: Scott Parker from Suwanee, GA United States  
Getting a pair of gloves over the internet is difficult with the different sizing between companies.  Luckily I was able to try on a pair of the 11s at one of the venues Heroic was at.  They were a little tight for my tastes.

I took advantage of the kick ass sale Heroic had and chose the SP-Rs as my b-day gift.  I could not have made a better choice.  Size 12 fit perfect.  The stitching is very solid as well as the areas of protection.  The best part about the SP-Rs is the fit.  WOW!

I struggled to get on extra large A-Stars last season and they wore out the ends of the fingers.  I cannot see this happening with the SP-Rs.  The shear amount of protections and leather placement is far superior to any other glove I have used in the past.

Cant wait to start 2014, I know my hands will surely be protected for some time to come.

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The Standard for Roadrace Gloves November 1, 2018
Reviewer: Andy K from Sliding on my back  
These gloves are by far the best gloves I have used in roadracing.  But that is not what makes them great.  What other glove manufacturer is reachable directly by phone and email?  What other glove manufacturer will repair the glove for you if (when) you crash it?

If you are looking for a product designed, constructed, marketed, sold and supported by a roadracer here in the USA, this is your glove.  If you plan to use the product, and perhaps damage it, this is your glove.  If you just want something that looks good, well, this does that too.  These gloves are incredibly comfortable, durable, and visually appealing (you know you want to look good).  Nothing else compares - go to any AMA, CCS or WERA paddock.  How many SPRs do you see?  There is a reason.


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THE BEST riding gear money can buy November 1, 2018
Reviewer: Sean B. from Round Rock, TX United States  
ok, first I wrote a review that apparently had more characters that was allowed... a lot more characters. SO, take two... I'll try to be short here.
SP-R Pro gloves that I currently have are 5-6 (if not more) years old and they withstood test of time and a lowside (back in 2016), impact and then 20-30 ft slide with open palms on the asphalt. They came out of that slide with minimal damage allowing me to continue to wear them. So, recently went to the store to take a look at what's available and my "mildly" worn out gloves looked and felt, and are, better quality (bot material and workmanship) than brand new top shelf gloves. Needs I say more?
And above statement is true across all products from HEROIC! Just read reviews to other products - nothing but excellence!
Todd, you rock dude!

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Amazing gloves, great shop, great people! November 1, 2018
Reviewer: Tom P. OTRA from Brentwood, NY United States  
Went to Heroic's shop today (yes, on the 4th of July) after speaking to Todd about my desire to buy gloves. He met me at the shop and talked about the gloves, their suits and all things racing. Simply the most comfortable, well built gloves I have ever owned. I am an MSF instructor and try to instill the mindset of "safety first" in my students. They learn by example. The $300 price tag is very reasonable for what you are getting. The fit and finish of these gloves are second to none. I can't imagine how amazing they will be once they are fully broken in. I rode for about 70 miles in 90+ degree weather today with them and had no issues with sweaty hands. Make no mistake, these are substantial gloves, they look like they would be too bulky, but they are like an extension of your hand, comfortable and ergonomic. If you are debating a pair of these amazing gloves, do yourself and your hands a favor and get them. You will not be disappointed!

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